Business ISDN30 Line Rental

ISDN30 line rental allows you to connect between eight and thirty 64k channels (lines),so, these can all either be used separately, allowing multiple calls to be made and taken or combined to increase bandwidth. ISDN30 connections can also be used with a digital switch or phone systems to manage your calls more effectively.

21-30 user
  • 1xLine
  • 8xChannels
  • 30xDDI’s
  • 4000Free mins to UK Landline & Mobile Cross Network
£ 191.99 / month Enquire now
Popular Choice
30-40 user
  • 1xLine
  • 10xChannels
  • 40xDDI’s
  • 5000Free mins to UK Landline & Mobile Cross Network
£ 229.99 / month Enquire now
41-50 user
  • 1xLine
  • 12xChannels
  • 50xDDI’s
  • 6000Free mins to UK Landline & Mobile Cross Network
£ 272.99 / month Enquire now

Terms and Conditions: All prices are subject to change, based on a 36 month contract and are exclusive of VAT. Prices displayed are total monthly costs based on package options. If a new line is required, installation costs will apply. For a formal quotation and full terms and conditions, please contact us.

Alternative to ISDN Line Rental

Hosted VoIP

£9.99 per user / per month

Up to 85% phone bill reduction

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We are a premium UK hosted VoIP provider

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Our ISDN30 line packages saves you up to 54% compared to BT

A few words from our users

Key Features

  • ISDN30 line rental Ideal for businesses with 5-50 employees
  • A resilient Business Grade service ensures business continuity
  • Fast data transmission and install any quality digital telephone system
  • Flexibility to add new lines at extremely competitive rates if you need them in the future
  • Fast, seamless migration
  • Capacity for up to 30 channels today
  • Big savings against equivalent BT packages
  • Choose from many inclusive packages below
  • Prices are per channel, minimum 8 channels per order
  • Calls to UK mobiles at 6p/minute
  • Calls to UK landline at 1.25p/minute

Add-ons Expand your sytem as needed

  • X-Line Feature Bundle

    1571 Answering machine, call diversion, call waiting & caller display

  • 1571 Answering Machine

    Answering machine service

  • Call Barring

    Bar incoming or outgoing calls

  • Anonymous Call Rejection — Standard Line

    Reject calls from withold numbers

  • Call Diversion

    Call Diversion lets you divert your calls to almost any phone, including your mobile.
    Call Diversion can also divert calls while your phone line is in use.

  • Caller Display

    Caller Display shows you the number of the person calling, so you can decide whether to pick up the phone or leave it to your answering service.

  • Call Waiting

    Notifies you of another incoming call whilst on a call, and is able to place the first call on hold while the second is answered.

  • Reminder Call

    Reminder Call acts like an alarm clock on your phone – your phone will ring at the time you program it to.

  • Ring Back

    Ring Back eliminates the frustration of having to keep redialling an engaged number. It calls you back when the person you’re trying to call put their phone down and then connects you with them.

  • Smart Divert

    Smart Divert is a service that allows you to remote access your call divert facility. This means you can set up or cancel your diverts from a different phone at any time. Great for if you’ve left the office and forgotten to activate your divert, you can just do it from home.

    Setup fee £10