Business Leased Lines from Xinix World

Fixed bandwidth for you

Private circuits from XINIXWORLD (or point-to-point leased line connections) represent the ideal option should you and your business require dedicated, always-on fixed bandwidth connectivity between two points. Whether it’s to transport data, the need for quick internet access, or transmitting voice data packets, our business leased lines will be able to support all your business needs. Due to our network infrastructure, we’re able to supply quality leased lines with speeds of up to 622Mbps at a price that is cost-effective, and can also accommodate a Virtual Private Network (VPN) if so required.

Business leased lines for internet connectivity

Should you be solely in the market for premium internet connectivity for your business, XINIXWORLD has the ability to supply dedicated business leased lines or Ethernet connectivity. With bandwidths ranging from 10Mbps to 1Gbps, you have the opportunity to experience first-class access complemented by high-security features.

Leased lines inclusions

  • Flexible bandwidth ranging from 2Mbps to 622Mbps
  • Huge network access across the UK
  • Quick installation
  • Guaranteed repair times
With speeds of up to 622Mbps available, you can be assured that data transfers are as fast and reliable as possible. Plus, with a UK-wide network infrastructure offering dependable digital connections, you can relax in the knowledge that your business broadband from XINIXWORLD is among the most affordable and high-quality available.

Bandwidth upgrades

In addition to our exceptionally fast broadband speeds, we’re able to offer Ethernet extensions for even greater performance. Theses extensions provide a point-to-point connection between locations and offer bandwidth speeds of up to 1,000Mbps, thereby ensuring connectivity at a speed that it second to none.

Business network benefits

  • Data: create secure data networks to provide intelligent routing, resilience and diagnostic features
  • Internet: faster data transfers and cost-effective performance
  • Voice: establish a private voice network for your organisation
  • Video: support video conferencing
  • Flexible: choose from a range of bandwidths to suit your purposes
  • Reliable: we aim to repair network faults within four hours

Why choose XINIXWORLD leased lines?

  • No hidden costs
  • Flexbility
  • Leading Service Level Agreements
  • Scalability
  • Security

Business Leased lines Essential Information

Among the most well-established data circuits around, business leased lines from XINIXWORLD are non-switched point-to-point circuits between local or national sites. Each connection represents a dedicated path across the network. Network: our leased lines are usually on a Synchronous Digital Hierarchy network, but can also be from third party providers. The traffic between two points, however, depends on the customer premises equipment installed. Virtual Private Network (VPN): it is common for businesses with a range of disparate locations to use 2Mbps leased lines in order to establish a VPN. With circuits terminated either end on the PABX, it is possible to manage the channels on the link and enable fixed bandwidth allocation. Internet access: Private Circuits are commonly used for internet access thanks to the fast and cost-effective data transfer rates. In these instances, it is essential to define where the two ends of a circuit terminate.

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