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What is Broadband?

Broadband is a way in which the internet can be accessed at high speeds. ADSL remains the most commonly used form of broadband. It is simply a telephone line that has been upgraded and that is connected to the internet continuously. This means internet users not only have faster access, but they can use the line to make and receive calls even if they are online.

What is Wireless broadband?

Broadband that does not require a physical connection. It is possible to access the internet with mobile phones or computers that do not require actual wiring. Instead, users are connected to each other with radio waves.

What is 3G?

This is mobile phone technology that provides faster access to the internet from a mobile device.

What is ADSL?

The acronym stands for Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line. It is technology that allows you to connect to the internet by using existing telephone networks. It is connected at all times and it provides very fast access due to the fact that it is extremely efficient when converting data. It also use a much wider frequency range than ordinary modems.

What does ATM mean?

This is a special method used to transfer video, voice and data over a network at very high speeds. The acronym stands for Asynchronous Transfer Mode.

What is Bandwidth?

Expressed in bits or bytes per second (bps), bandwidth has to do with the amount of information that can be transferred over an open connection.

What is a Bit?

A bit is a single unit of data. When talking about broadband it means the unit with which transmissions are measured. A thousand bits is called a Kilobit (KB) and a million bits is called a megabit (mb).

What is a Broadband / Landline Bundle ?

This is a package where you pay one amount for both broadband services and the rental of the land line.

What is a Bundle?

Another term used for a package deal where more than one service is offered, normally at attractive prices. A cellular phone can, for example, be part of a package deal where you also enjoy free call minutes or text messages.

What is Cable Broadband?

Internet connection that is made available by means of a fibre optic cable, very much in the same way as with cable television services.

What is a Chatroom?

A special online service that allow two or more people to communicate in real time by typing messages to each other.

What is a Contract?

An agreement between a consumer and a service provider whereby the service provider agrees to supply internet services and you agree to remain with the provider for a specified minimum number of months, normally 12 to 18.

What does Convergence mean?

The merging of various services to offer clients cheaper deals. For example: Orange has merged its cell phone and broadband operations.

What is Data?

A loosely used term to describe information, sounds, video, text and pictures that are stored on your computer.

What is Dial-up internet?

An internet connection where it is necessary to actually make a phone call to the servers of the internet service provider in order to connect to the internet. The connection is actually audible and this type of connection is much slower than is possible with broadband.

What is a Download?

The process of transferring files from the internet onto your computer.

What is a Download restriction?

A restriction on the amount of data that can be downloaded or uploaded over a specified period. A package with a 5GB download restriction will therefore prohibit further data transfer once 5GB has been used.

What does Downstream mean?

Just another term for the data that flows from the internet to your computer.

What does DSL mean?

The technology that is used to transfer information over a phone line without any interference is called Digital Subscriber Line, or DSL for short.

What is DSLAM?

The technology that is used by telephone companies that connects to the subscriber loop and the client’s computer.

What does EON mean?

See Ethernet for more details. EON stands for Ethernet Optical Network.

What is Ethernet?

This is a specific standard that is employed when transmitting data. It is used with local area networks (LAN’s) that are most often used by businesses rather than home users.

What is an Exchange?

The specific service area that allows you to connect is called the exchange. There must be an exchange that can cater for specific technology, such as broadband, before such technology can be used.

What is FTP?

File transfer protocol. It is a set of rules that governs the downloading and uploading of files.

What is GPS?

Global Positioning System that is now commonplace in many mobile phones. It is used to determine the exact physical location of the user anywhere on earth.

What is a Protocol?

This is simply a command that is sent from one network to another.

What is an Internet protocol?

This is a method whereby information is broken up into small packets of data before being transmitted. At the receiving end it is put together again.

What is Instant Messaging?

This is a way in which internet users can communicate with each other by typing messages that are instantly delivered. In this way it is possible to conduct a real time conversation

What are IP addresses?

Every computer connected to the internet is identified by a unique number called the IP address.

What is an ISP?

Short for Internet Service provider: the organization that provides to with a connection to the internet.

What is a Landline?

The physical telephone line that is connected to a wired telephone.

What is LLU?

Some providers hire capacity from one or more exchanges and then sell that capacity to others. This is called Local Loop Unbundling (LLU).

What does MAC mean?

MAC is an acronym for Migration Authorization Code. It is a technology that allows you to migrate from one service provider to another.

What does Mbps mean?

Megabits per second: the speed at which data is transmitted or received over the internet.

What is a Mobile / Broadband bundle?

A comprehensive package deal where you have both broadband internet access and cell phone services in a single contract with one service provider.

What is a Modem?

A device that is used to connect to the internet by using a telephone line. Modern computers normally have them as standard equipment.

What is a Multiple port router?

A and switch combination that is supplied as a single unit.

What is an Orange Livebox?

A special service that is offered by range and that allow you to make cheap calls over the internet. The telephone is simply connected to the livebox in order to make calls. The computer does not even have to be switched on. The livebox do not interfere with the ordinary telephone line.

What is Pay-as-you-go broadband ?

A method of gaining access to the internet and paying only for the actual time spent online.

What is a Ping?

In order to check whether a remote network is available a messaged called a “ping” is often sent to see if there is a reply.

What does Quad play mean?

This is a specific package offered by Virgin Media. It is a combination of internet, mobile, telephone and television services.

What is a Router?

A router is used to buffer and forward all types of data and is ideal to set up a network at home. In this way a single broadband internet connection can be shared by several computers.

What is Satellite broadband?

With satellite broadband the connection to the internet is achieved via satellite rather than through a upgraded telephone line or fibre optic cable.

What does SDSL mean?

A Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line (SDSL) allows more data to be transmitted through ordinary copper lines. Speeds of up to 3 Mbps can normally be achieved.

What is See Surf Speak?

This is a specific package of services offered by Sky. It consist of a combination of televisions services (see), broadband internet services (surf) and a telephone service (speak).

What does 'Speed' mean?

This is the rate at which you are able to perform downloads. Broadband connections are typically at the very least 256 kilobits per second but it can be as high as 24 megabits per second.

What is Streaming?

Technology that allows internet users to start watching or listening before the entire file is downloaded. The file is played while the rest of it downloads in the background.

What is a Switch?

A device that is used to connect different local area networks with each other.

What is Unlimited download?

Users that have unlimited download facilities are not capped. They can download as much as they want for as long as they want. Some contracts contain fair use terms and conditions, however.

What is an Upload?

When you transfer files from your computer to the internet.

What is a Usage Cap?

Many broadband contracts specify a limit in terms of the amount of downloading that can be done in a specific contract period. When this limit is reached additional cap has to be purchased.

What does V+ mean?

Some Virgin Media products feature V+ that allows users to manipulate live television by pausing, rewinding and resuming viewing. It also allows users to record 2 different programs while actually watching a third!

What is VLAN?

This technology (Virtual Local Area Network) is used to allow an entire network of computers as if they are part of a physical network.

What is VOD?

Video on Demand is a service that allows television viewers the ability to select a specific video. Viewers pay for those videos they select only.

What is VoIP?

(Voice Over Internet Phone) This technology allows internet users to make cheap long distance telephone calls with their computers.

What is Web n Walk?

Web n Walk is a package deal offered by T-Mobile. It includes unlimited broadband services on a cellular telephone and a laptop computer.

What is Web n Walk?

Web n Walk is a package deal offered by T-Mobile. It includes unlimited broadband services on a cellular telephone and a laptop computer.


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