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Direct Inward Dialling Numbers

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We provide dependable and high quality international voice origination services covering over 68 countries and 2008 area codes worldwide.
An advantage of a local DID Number (also called a DDI in Europe) is, it can be forwarded to a destination of your choosing. This may include your own network or equipment utilising VoIP. Choose from a wide selection of International Local, National, Mobile and Toll Free DID numbers. We are always expanding our selection to include even more countries and regions.
The countries for which we currently offer DID numbers can be found below. Note that this page is being updated regularly.

Country Overview

Thousands of Virtual DID numbers are available in our stock and can be immediately activated by using our web portal, prices starting from just £4.00/per month.

Terms and conditions

Please view our Terms and Conditions for any applicable fees.

Benifits of Xinix World DIDs

  • No per minute charges
  • Low monthly costs
  • DID Management Portal
  • Porting available in 30+ countries*
  • T.38 facing supported
  • Sequential block available
  • Revenue sharing available

How Can a DID Number Help My Business?

A Direct Inward Dialing (DID) Number is a virtual phone numer that enables cheap international and long distance calling.
DID numbers as part of a Hosted PBX package, you get all of the features of traditional PBX, at a lower price tag with no maintenance costs.

Number Porting

DID Packages

You have the option to select one of the DID packages below or a combination of both:

DID only

  • Each DID Number supports 2 concurrent calls
  • Trunk is limited to 10,000 incoming minutes*
  • Channel cannot be shared between DID Number
  • Ideal for customers who do not expect their DIDs to require more than 2 incoming calls at a time.
  • *Additional minutes with this option will be billed at 1p per minute.

DID with Capacity

  • Build your trunk with the numbers of channels you require
  • Unlimited incoming minutes
  • Ability to share channels
  • Ideal for calling card providers and business that require more than two concurrent calls or unlimited minutes.
Included activation

Have your lines installed and broadband activated for free Have your lines installed and broadband activated for freeHave your lines installed and broadband activated for free