Bulk SMS Reseller Programme

As more and more enterprises adopt SMS messaging as a form of communication for business, the opportunity to invest in such an effective solution has never been better. With almost no investment required, and the potential to achieve substantial profits, the reseller programme from XINIXWORLD will enable you to play an integral role in the adoption SMS mobile technology for businesses around the globe. Our reseller programme has been developed to provide a complete set of technology and tools for the running of a professional SMS business.
  • Complete suite: White-label messaging applications featuring billing and reporting systems are able to be established in minutes
  • Competitive pricing: Our pricing is affordable and responsive to changing business environments
  • Education: Through comprehensive training and technical support, you will be provided with everything necessary for a successful launch

Complete control

  When joining the XINIXWORLD reseller programme, you can rest assured that complete control of your operations stays with you. The billing system will be under your command, while you will be able to apply your own logo, colour scheme, URL, and other branded features, ensuring that your investment delivers the independence your company needs.
XINIXWORLD is proud of the technology and support we provide, and actively supports our resellers in any way we can. To find out more about the reseller programme with XINIXWORLD, contact us today and discuss your requirements with one of our customer representatives, call free on 0800 5200 300