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Vodafone Multi SIM

900 minutes
600 texts
5 GB data
12 monthes contract
£ 6.00 per month

International Minutes

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O&O 100 Int. Euro Mins

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Why choose iD Mobile?

Roaming at no extra cost in 50 locations

All iD Mobile plans let you use your UK monthly data, calls and texts allowances in 50 locations in the EU and beyond.

Capped charges and Data rollover

iD Mobile plans let you cap your monthly spend so you can't run up unexpected charges. Unused data is automatically rolled over to next month too, so you get a second chance to use it.

Nationwide coverage

iD Mobile is a subsidiary of retail giant Carphone Warehouse. Its service is based on Three’s network infrastructure, so is able to offer 97% nationwide coverage.

Available Data Plans