VoIP services for hotels

Being a core part of the leisure industry, it’s of utmost importance that hotels are able to rely on the very best in telecommunications services in order to maintain successful operations. At XINIXWORLD, we’re proud to offer a variety of VoIP services for hotels that can be implemented quickly and effectively, and help support your hotel in offering far much more than a warm welcome.


Running a successful hotel demands flexibility and the means stay connected to your staff, your guests, and potential customers at all times. With the very latest telephony solutions from XINIXWORLD, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your entire communications network is operating in a manner that wont let you down.

We can provide VoIP services for hotels that cover every possible requirement. From installing a complete VoIP network to handle calls from in-room telephones to external landlines, to providing the very best switchboard services to support bookings and enquiries, XINIXWORLD will be able deliver bespoke packages tailored to your precise needs. Plus, with VoIP representing the latest in telephony services, you can rest assured that any maintenance and downtime will be limited and resolved in next to no time.

Benefits of VoIP for hotels

Our state-of-the-art VoIP services for hotels have been designed to represent exceptional value for money, while at the same time delivering the highest quality. By embracing VoIP solutions from XINIXWORLD, we’ll ensure you’re able to take advantage of a number of benefits, including:

  • Savings on landline costs – Our VoIP system runs on broadband connection and so there’s no need for expensive landlines.
  • Automated answering clerk and call redirects
  • Automated call barring until guests check-in
  • Centralised management of all calls within the hotel network
  • Easy scalability
  • Keep your existing numbers
  • Quick setup and activation
  • Set guest call rates according to your own demands
  • Simplified telephony billing
  • Substantial savings on call costs compared to traditional landlines
  • Low costs – Cheaper phone calls, up to 70% cheaper than BT.
  • Unlimited call packages – select the tariff that best suits your needs
  • Voicemail services for you and your guests

Contact XINIXWORLD today

VoIP services for hotels from XINIXWORLD can be fully tailored to meet your own specific requirements. We have the knowledge and experience to migrate your existing network to our VoIP services, with the ability to cause minimal downtime to your daily operations. Contact XINIXWORLD today to discuss how our VoIP services for hotels can help you.