VoIP services for dentists

  At XINIXWORLD, we know how important it is for you to keep communications systems up and running within the dental industry. To support your needs, we offer a range of services that both improve patient care and help establish much-needed trust. We can provide solutions to the communication challenges you face each day, and assist with everything from transporting and storing large quantities of data, to handling multiple in and outbound calls and preparing for emergencies.

Dental practice telephony

Keeping connected within your practice and with your patients is essential to maintaining a successful surgery. At XINIXWORLD, we work hard to ensure the services you need are all available at a price that is affordable. In fact, the benefits of investing in a telecommunications system from XINIXWORLD are extensive.


  • Thanks to our comprehensive communications service, you won’t need to outsource to an after hours call centre. Instead you can simply create and record a wide range of greetings to play at different times of the day. You can also reroute calls to the correct department during lunch hours or periods of high activity.
  • In the event that your internet service fails, XINIXWORLD will ensure you can still make and receive calls. Furthermore, you will even be able to identify your outbound calls to patients by displaying your office number.
  • With call transfer, you can seamlessly direct a conversation from the front desk to a private room in another location, depending on your particular requirements.
  • Simultaneous ring means you won’t miss a call either on the front desk or in the back office, simply by ensuring that phones ring simultaneously.
  • If you need to keep a record or transcript of voicemail messages, VisualVoicemail will let you do just that. This innovative system transcribes messages to text and forwards the emails to your inbox, delivering all the information you need in an instant.
  • Manage call settings, edit your account, and record voicemails with Toolbar. This handy service lets you edit your preferences at any time from any device or location – all at the click of a button.
You can contact our expert team at XINIXWORLD today to discuss all the telephony options available for your dental practice. We’ll be happy to offer impartial, comprehensive advice, and identify the best solution to your particular requirements.