Small Business Phone Line Deals

Our small business line rental comes With free phone line installation & bundled call packages

Small Business Phone Line Deals

Effective communication breed’s success, so ensuring that your business is able to stay connected to your colleagues and customers is essential. With quality, reliable business phone lines from Xinix World, staying in touch is as easy as it is affordable. From cheaper phone calls to complete voicemail services, call waiting to anonymous call rejection, taking control of your telecommunications and upgrading to the latest in telephony technology means transporting your business to the next level.

SAVE up tp 25% When compared to BT
Terms and conditions

All prices are exclusive of VAT. If the contract is terminated within the minimum term charges may apply as stated in the standard terms and conditions. If you take any of our packages, separate terms and conditions apply which can be found on the website. A 24 month contract applies, unless otherwise stated. All packages including broadband and calls must all be taken with line rental for the length of the contract.

Business Phone Line Only
£ 16.99 a month

Free phone line installation

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Cheaper Calls and Business Phone Line Rental

With communication the lifeblood of successful business, being able to secure cheaper calls and get a good business phone line deals for your company can mean the difference between achieving your targets and falling short of profit. If you’re currently managing separate accounts and relationships for phone line rental, call tariffs, and equipment, you could well be spending far more than you should. With cheaper calls and business phone lines you can get the best performance out of your communications network, and cash-saving opportunities that make perfect business sense.

Cost-effective Business Phone Line Packages

The question of whether you should look to switch to a provider offering UK business phone line rental and calls in a solitary package comes down to the key issues of cost, service and performance. For cheaper calls and business phone lines for your business, backed by round-the-clock support and reliable, dependable service makes us among the industry’s best providers.

In fact, by signing up for cheaper calls and telephone lines with us, you’ll benefit from a number of measures that will enhance cost savings across your company:

  • Low call costs tailored to your requirements
  • Flexible phone tariffs
  • Low-cost business phone line rental

With cheaper business calls from Xinix World, you have the opportunity to cut unnecessary call costs and benefit from greater profitability, greater productivity, and greater quality service. Simply contact our customer service department today and discover how a tailored telephone line package can lead to cheaper business calls for your company.

How do we offer cheaper business calls?

The secret behind our cheaper business calls is Carrier Pre-Selection (CPS). With CPS, we’re able to take on the responsibility of billing for your calls and usage, re-routing your calls to an alternative carrier that is far, far cheaper than your original provider. In conjunction with Wholesale Line Rental, which enables us to purchase products and infrastructure at price unavailable to regular consumers, we are able to pass on the savings direct to you. Furthermore, the transition is managed entirely by us to ensure no disruption to your working day, while you can also enjoy the added peace of mind that round-the-clock support is available.

Carrier Pre-Selection main features

  • No charges for installation
  • A full selection of telephony features, including voicemail, call divert, caller display and more
  • Retain existing numbers
  • Complete transparency over telephony billing
  • Improved account administration
  • Comprehensive UK-based support
  • Cheaper calls for your business

Switch today for cheaper business phone line rental deals and calls.

Taking advantage of cheaper business calls and best business phone line deals with Xinix World is effortless. We do all the hard work necessary for you to switch, while you simply sit back and enjoy the savings. Contact our experienced team today to discuss your needs, and take the first steps towards cheaper business calls for your company.