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Telco-in-a-Box for VoIP Resellers

Xinix PBXware is a unified platform for VoIP resellers with hosting IP PBX services, conferencing, video and voice calls, presence service and unified messaging.

The converged service delivery platform of PBXware is composed of the following elements:

pdf-flat PBXware Softswitch With its high scalability, Class 4 and 5 SoftSwitch delivers for VoIP Reseller functionalities of call control and media processing. In call control, it supports; voice and video calls, full PBXware feature set, advanced call control, BLF/presence, SMS and instant messaging, fax-over-IP, dynamic call routing and live call authorization and charging. The media processing functionalities include; voice and video conferencing, IVR applications, call recording, call queues, auto-attendant and voicemail.
pdf-flat Telcoware Billing Platform A fully featured telecom billing system
pdf-flat Communicator Softphones Desktop/Mobile softphone communication software.
pdf-flat Call Centre Software Call centre apps and wallboards
pdf-flat sipMON sipMON is the essential tool for any serious ITSP. It is a network packet sniffer for SIP and RTP VoIP protocol developed to work with our PBXware.
pdf-flat sipPROT sipPROT is a PBXware and SERVERware module that provides protection from SIP attacks.
Open API Allows third parties to create software to interact with PBXware.

The Xinix World Architecture

How does it work?
Why should VoIP Partners Consider PBXware? There are three main business drivers for an VoIP reseller to consider using the PBxware service::
  • Replacement of a legacy PBX will simplify the maintenance and allow work-from-home employees or a remote workforce to function in a single working environment
  • Migration from an IP PBX solution will bring in improved flexibility and lower the costs
  • The productivity of the employees will increase through Computer Telephony Integration (CIT) which basically means CRM integration, call recording access, automatic dealing, etc.
Billing and Subscription Planning Define your packages offer;
  • Mix of volume discounts
  • Per-minute calling rates
  • Billing based on the total number of extension
  • Discounts and promotions
  • Recurring fees for every line
  • Free (bundled) minutes (per person per line or shared between lines)
  • Connection, minimum charge
  • Enhanced services and calling features packages per subscriber
  • Calling destination permissions
  • Subscribers balances administration
  • Charge periods (per second, per minute, 6/6, 6/30, 30/30, 30/60)
  • Support for master/slave subscribers
  • Automated credit control using, Go-Cardless, and Paypal
  • Subscriber credit limit
  • Email reminder balance
Moreover, you also have the flexibility of providing an all-inclusive feature subscription plan (for example call recording) apart from the basic plan alone.
IP Phone Auto Provisioning Clients are assigned IP phones from the CPE inventory by the administrator. This guarantees that the IP phone is automatically provisioned by PBXware as soon as it is connected to the network and thus the clients will not have to do anything else from their side.
Sell a Variety of IP Phones You can choose from a variety different software and hardware products, Snom, Yealink, Polycom, Grandstream and Cisco phones.
Customer Selfcare Portal By making use of the self-care portal, clients can carry on with configuration of their auto-attendants, hunt groups and extensions, acquire extra toll-free/local DID numbers and buy add-ons like call conferencing or recording. The client has a crystal-clear outline of all settings and configurations, invoices, CDRs and call recordings. The self-care portal can be accessed by every member of the workforce for a personal line and each employee can as well change their settings there. (for example, follow-me number listing)
Fraud Monitoring Whenever an end-user makes an outbound call from the client’s office PBXware authorizes the call; a variety of fraud-prevention protocols are applied and the client’s balance is checked immediately as well. From there, the call is routed by PBXware switch to a PSTN Network or another IP PBX Extension (for calls within the office).
Fax2Email Both outbound and inbound Fax-over-IP is supported.
White Label Solution Build your own brand and start your own telecoms business. License and personalisation of logo and colours
Desktop & Mobile Applications Increasing staff productivity through CIT (Computer Telephony Integration), which typically means integration with CRM, auto-dialing, access to call recordings, etc. Following CRMs are already integrated;
  • Zoho
  • Salesforce
  • Sugar
  • Fresh Sales
  • Bullhorn
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Mircosoft 365
  • Microsoft Outook
  • Others can be integrated using our open API
Excellent reliability in service
  • Newly updated versions that are thoroughly tested
  • High availability thanks to clustered components
  • Adaptive call routing for delivery of the highest available quality
  • Zero-downtime updates and site redundancy
  • 99.999% availability
Staying ahead of your competitors
  • Infinite scalability without any per-feature or per-user expenses
  • Extremely reliable class 5 features
  • An easily and swiftly expandable open platform
Sell WLR, Internet Services & Instant Messaging
  • Wholesale Business Line Rental
  • ADSL Broadband
  • Fibre Optic
  • Leased Lines, MPF, Ethernet & MPLS IPVPN
  • Hosted IT
  • SMS Marketing
Support Contract Unlimited tickets & online chat with minor software updates
UK & International Numbers Xinix provides DIDs in over 50 countries around the world at prices starting as low as £1.00 per number per month.
UK & International Number Porting Port UK numbers through our porting partners, BT, Virgin, TalkTalk, Vodafone and many others.
Deliver improved end-user experience
  • Intuitive and user-friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI) for management of PBXware
  • Selection of route quality per phone call
  • Fast ordering of brand new toll-free, local and international DIDs.
  • Device flexibility; you can either use a desktop phone, a smartphone app or a mobile phone
Wholesale origination and Termination Our prepaid model allows you to reach the highest quality at the lowest possible price. We do not require contracts or volume commitments, and you can get started in a matter of minutes, not days.
Lower Pricing Benefit from lower prices due to our large volume and purchasing power as a VoIP wholesale provider.
In-house Developers Our in-house development allows us to have the flexibility to meet your individual business needs.
Transparent Billing At Xinix we want to be transparent with our customers. We provide a business address, a dedicated in-house support team, and post our rates directly on the website for everyone to view. You can easily predict how much each call will cost you before your customers dial.

A Full Range of Corporate Features

Our business VoIP service offer’s functionality that many small businesses overlook. Take a look at this list to make sure you aren’t missing out.

Up to 10,000 users

Expand your business without disrupting the communication system, our PBX can handle up to 10, 0000 users on the same account.

Hunt Group

Multiple phones ring on the same number so anyone in the group can answer it (and, with BT Cloud Voice, the group members don’t even need to be on the same site). You can set it up to ring the phones in the group in sequence or all at once.


Direct Inward Dialing (DID), have a block or single telephone number for calling into your companies private branch exchange (PBX) system.

Using DID, you can offer individual phone numbers for each person or workstation within your company without requiring a physical line into the PBX for each possible connection.

Call Report

View live call stats across users and sites. Analyse costs and duration. See your most popular destinations and which operators are receiving most of the calls, how many calls each of your phone lines are receiving and when your peak periods and days are.

Virtual Receptionist

Auto-Attendant (or automated attendant) is a term commonly used in telephony to describe a voice menu system that allows callers to be transferred to an extension without going through a telephone operator or receptionist. The auto-attendant is also known as a digital receptionist.


Using the XINIX Cloud Voice portal, email voicemail messages to your Outlook (as WAV files).

Follow Me

Using the XINIX Cloud Voice portal, email voicemail messages to your Outlook (as WAV files).

Call Screening

This tab allows you to view and define a list of rules for handling incoming calls.

Configurable Business Hours

Activate your office opening hours, have calls routed to voicemail or to other destination like call centres and mobile automatically during closing hours.

Music on Hold

Play music to your callers while they are waiting on hold.

Caller ID

User can select to send or not to send caller ID while placing calls.

Call Queueing

When a new incoming call arrives, it is assigned a position in the queue. The callers hear announcements about number of callers ahead of them in the queue and the estimated waiting time. After that, the specified “music on hold” is played, and callers are updated about their current positions in the queue and the estimated wait time.

The priority order in which agents receive calls can also be pre – programmed at DDI level. You can manage staffing levels by setting queue limits and pre programme the times, days and dates that staff receive calls.

Call Recording

This page is only active if your provider has enabled the Call Recording feature for you. With the help of this feature, the users of IP Centrex services can record their phone conversations for later playback. On the Call Logs page you can view a list of recorded calls, listen to recordings and filter them for / from a certain period.

Depending on your needs, you may activate / deactivate Call Recording by selecting or clearing the check-box on the top.


On the Conferences page you can create and manage your conferences (virtual conference rooms). Schedule time and date of conferences, invite multiple participants with secure pin access.

Call Statistics

Enhanced Features

Dialing Rules


Call Monitor

CRM Integration

Billing Summary

On this page you can view your billing information arranged in four information windows:

Brief Billing Information
Transactions Totals Information
Active Subscriptions
Product & Discounts Information

Standard Features

  • Tenant(s)/Resellers(s)
  • Multiple Languages
  • Standard or E164 Routing mode
  • Conferences Permissions
  • Remote Mobile/Cell Extension
  • Astmanproxy/Asterisk manager
  • CDR Search
  • Extension(s)
  • PSTN/VoIP Trunks
  • IVR Auto Attendants
  • Conferencing
  • Enhanced ACD Queues
  • Music On Hold
  • FAX over IP (FoIP) with T.38 technology
  • Instant Messaging Server
  • Networking and Branch Support
  • Least Cost Routing
  • Ring Groups
  • Call Recording
  • Call Monitor
  • Fax Files Removal
  • Queue statistic enhance filtering
  • OSC Destinations
  • OSC Enhanced Services availability
  • Channel(s) Limit Warning
  • IVR/Queues Custom Ring Tones
  • Monitor E-mail Template
  • Call Recordings Auto Mailing
  • RAM Disk
  • Operation Times Access Code
  • Queues Operation Times
  • Fax Exists Icon
  • MOH Download
  • Reboot Snom Phones
  • Caller ID From Group Hunt Over Trunk
  • Operation Times ON/OFF
  • Monitor Announcement
  • BLF parking slots monitoring
  • Extension Notes
  • DID Do Not Show
  • Extension Search By Default
  • Search Extension By MAC
  • Trunk Number
  • Support For Modal Dialogs
  • HTTP Only Mode
  • Check if outgoing number
  • System Wide/Per Extension On/Off
  • User Label
  • Polycom Phone Directory
  • Call Parking Time and Return Extension
  • Call Remote Extension to DID
  • Encrypted SIP signaling
  • Encrypted audio
  • QoS audio packets tagging
  • Microsoft Lync compatible

Enhanced Features

  • Follow Me
  • Group Hunt
  • Call Forwarding
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Caller ID
  • Last Caller
  • Call Park
  • Instant Recording
  • Call Pickup
  • Call Filters & Blocking
  • Speakerphone Page
  • Directory/BLF List
  • Speed Dial
  • Monitor Queues
  • Web Callback
  • Delete Recordings
  • Listen to Recordings
  • Call Monitoring
  • Phone Call Back
  • Monitoring Conferences
  • Overhead Paging
  • Paging/Intercom
  • Remote Access
  • Personal IVR
  • Online User Directory
  • Operation Times ON/OFF from a Phone
  • Pause/Unpause Recording

Call Center Applications

  • AgentCOM
  • Queues Callback
  • Call Agents
  • Skills Based Routing
  • Queue and Agent Statistics
  • Real Time Queue – Agents Monitoring


  • CDRs
  • Real Time Telephony Billing

System Administration

  • Web Browser Administration
  • Role Based Administration
  • Multi Site Administration

System Customization & Reliability

  • Services Monitoring
  • System Backup
  • Powerful Reporting
  • Custom Extensions

Setup & Configuration

  • Unlimited Expandability
  • Service Providers Template
  • System Setup Wizard
  • Trunks Auto Configuration
  • Phones Auto Configuration/Provisioning


  • Enhanced Voicemail
  • Operator / Exit Digit
  • Unified Messaging
  • Time Zones Support
  • Voicemail Groups

Desktop/Web User Applications

  • Communicator
  • Sound Converter
  • outCall
  • User Self Care
  • Presence Panel

CRM / CTI Integration On Request

  • Salesforce
  • Sugar CRM
  • Zoho
  • Bullhorn
  • Zendesk
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Microsoft Outlook & Exchange
  • Office 365